Random Google Ponies


A Google theme that replaces the Google logo with a random MLP (My Little Pony) themed version.

You can find the gallery of all the logos used at googleponies.cyberpon3.net as well as generating a style from a customized list of logos.

Current logos thanks to ssumppg, ThePatrollPL, ViperDash, and Owl-Parchment


  1. You will need to get a browser extension that supports UserCSS. I recommend Stylus:
  2. Then just click here to install the style


Nov. 16, 2021

  • Re-wrote the styling to fix issues with Google Doodles.
  • Ditched userstyles.org and moved the source code to my self-hosted styles site.
  • Set up replication to userstyles.world

Oct. 5, 2018

  • Completely re-wrote the styling because it wasn’t working on some search results pages and things were a bit messy.
  • Changed to self-hosted images to speed up image loading